Wild Flower Blooming Schedule


January: Witch Hazel’s bright yellow flowers linger from the previous year.

February: Spicebush blooms. Trailing arbutus, daffodils and periwinkle may bloom late in the month if the weather is mild.

March: Mild weather will bring the following into bloom: sharp lobed hepatica, bloodroot, spring beauty, trout lily, early meadowrue, jack in the pulpit.

April: Spring woodland wildflowers usually reach their peak of bloom around mid-April. The park's annual wildflower pilgrimage is held during the last full week of the month. Visit www.springwildflowerpilgrimage.org or call 865-436-7317 for more information. Species in bloom include fringed phacelia, purple phacelia, white trillium, dutchman's britches, squirrel corn, wild geranium, yellow trillium, fire pink filets, cut-leaved toothwort, large-flowered bellwort, crested dwarf iris, wild ginger, wood anemone, little brown jugs and yellow mandarin.

May: May Apple, painted trillium, foamflower, brook lettuce, bleeding heart, lady’s slippers, showy orchids, blue cohosh, columbine, wake robin, blue phlox, purple phacelia, wood betony, meadow parsnip and umbrella leaf.

June: Galax, fly poison, speckled wood lily, goatsbeard, wood sorrel, yellow star grass, sundrops, squawroot, mountain spiderwort, rattlesnake haw week, Indian pink woodland bluets, false hellebore, Canada mayflower.

July: Indian pipe, downy rattlesnake plantain, wood tickseed, Michaux's saxifrage, ramps, mountain mint, butterfly week, rugels ragwort, small purple fringed orchid, thyme leaved bluets, heal all.

August: Whorled wood aster, mountain bugbane, cardinal flower, Turk's cap lily, mountain st johns wort, filmy angelica, monkshood crane fly orchid, mountain krigia, starry campion, sweet joe-pye weed.

September: Pink turtlehead, new york ironweed, jewelweed, yellow fringed orchid, black-eyed Susan, Canada goldenrod, skunk goldenrod, love vine.

October: Whitewood aster, bee balm, Maryland golden-aster, wide leaved sunflower, coneflower, heart laved aster, stoneroot, mountain gentian.

November: Nodding lady's tresses, tall rattlesnake root, and southern harebell linger in bloom until the first frost.

December: Witch hazel blooms.

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