Great Smoky Mountain Vacations

Wild Flowers

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Wild Flower Blooming Schedule

January: Witch Hazel’s bright yellow flowers linger from the previous year.

February: Spicebush blooms. Trailing arbutus, daffodils and periwinkle may bloom late in the month if the weather is mild.

March: Mild weather will bring the following into bloom: sharp lobed hepatica, bloodroot, spring beauty, trout lily, early meadowrue, jack in the pulpit.

April: Spring woodland wildflowers usually reach their peak of bloom around mid april. The parks annual wildflower pilgrimage is held during the last full week of the month. Visit or call 865-436-7317 for more information. Species in bloom include: fringed phacelia, purple phacelia, white trillium, dutchmans britches, squirrel corn, wild geranium, yellow trillium, fire pink filets, cut leaved toothwort, large flowered bellwort, crested dewarf iris, wild ginger, wood anemone, little brown jugs and yeallow mandarin.

May: May Apple, painted trillium, foamflower, brook lettuce, bleeding heart, lady’s slippers, showy orchids, blue cohosh, columbine, wake robin, blue phlox, purple phacelia, wood betony, meadow parsnip and umbrella leaf.

June: Galax, fly poison, speckled wood lily, goats beard, wood sorrel, yellow star grass, sundrops, squawroot, mountain spiderwort, rattlesnake haw week, Indian pink woodland bluets, false hellebore, Canada mayflower.

July: Indian pipe, downy rattlesnake plantain, wood tickseed, michaux’s saxifrage, ramps, mountain mint, butterfly week, rugels ragwort, small purple fringed orchid, thyme leaved bluets, heal all.

August: Whorled wood aster, mountain bugbane, cardinal flower, turks cap lily, mountain st johns wort, filmy angelica, monks hood crane fly orchid, mountain krigia, starry campion, sweet joe pyeweed.

September: Pink turtlehead, new york ironweed, jewelweed, yellow fringed orchid, black eyed susan, Canada goldenrod, skunk goldenrod, love vine.

October: White wood aster, bee balm, Maryland golden aster, wide leaved sunflower, coneflower, heart laved aster, stoneroot, mountain gentaian.

November: Nodding ladys tresses, tall rattlesnake root, and southern harebell linger in bloom until the first frost.

December: Witch hazel blooms.

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